Kendal Mountain Festival Winners 2011

This weekend's Kendal Mountain Festival (KMF) was a roaring success. There was beer drinking, dancing, pizza eating and even some films and things...

At the end of the festival is the award ceremony, where the highlights of the weekend are rewarded with prizes in their respective categories.

The award winners at this year's KMF were announced on Sunday November 20th. They are listed here with a video of some of the highlights of the ceremony.

Kendal Prize Winners 2011

Grand Prize
Crossing the Ditch
Director: Greg Quail
Quail Television Pty Ltd and Justin Jones

Judges Special Prize
Ice Revolution
Producer and Director Peter Mortimer
Sender Films

People's Choice
The Long Hope
Producer and Director: Paul Diffley
Hot Aches Productions

Best Climbing Film
Race for the Nose
Producer and Director: Peter Mortimer
Sender Films

Best Mountaineering Film
Producer: Carlos Bria Lahoz
Director: Gerard Montero Coromines
Alkimia Produccions

Best Mountain Adventure Film
Vertical Sailing Greenland
Producer and Director: Sean Villanueva O' Driscoll
Sean Villanueva O' Driscoll

Best Mountain Culture
Mi Chacra
Producer and Director: Jason Burlage

Best Environment Film
Producer and Director: Frank Wolf

Best Adrenaline Film
Sketchy Andy
Producer and Director: Peter Mortimer
Sender Films

Best Short Film
On Assignment
Producer and Director: Renan Ozturk
Camp 4 Collective

Adventure Film Academy Award
Reflections on 60
Directors: Toby Adamson and Richard Dixon

Adventure Photo Academy Award
Ben Adeline for Mountain Landscape
Andy Nelson for Outdoor Action

Also going on at the KMF was the Boardman-Tasker. Canadian writer, Bernadette McDonald scooped the 2011 Boardman-Tasker award for mountain literature with her book Freedom Climbers, which also took the Grand Prize at the recent Banff Mountain Book Festival.

The book is a moving account of the adventures of Polish climbers and their epic battle for Himalayan peaks in the 1980s.

There was also a Kendal Mountain Festival Photography Award judged by Henry Iddon with prizes from This was won by Tom Last with his photo 'Duck and Cover' of winter conditions on the Ballachulish Horseshoe. You can see all the final entries here.

UKC will be publishing a full report of the festival later this week.

KMF Photo Competition Winner
© Tom Last

Kendal Mountain Festival Sponsors 2011

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21 Nov, 2011
A totally and utterly brilliant 4 days...the best yet...lots of nice little touches by the organisers, film makers and trade stands ... a complete indulgence...diaryed it for next year already.
21 Nov, 2011
Moff and I had a great time but it was far from the best yet. Probably the worst ever set of climbing & mountaineering films with some real stinkers: The Sphynx being an all time individual nadir ...Moff can't tell as she had a snooze... Elements not far behind; too many overlong overproduced films in general. On the shopping front no climbing hardware (!!!) very few DVDs (!!), fewer clothing bargains (especially for men). Party seemed to be the least lively ever (certainly early on). The festival is still 'crying out' for some fringe events or stuff for people to see on low budgets. On the postive front: speakers were as good as ever; the best films were still really good (and we are yet to watch The Ditch, Cold and The Long Hope); the bar scene was as good as ever and helped by mild dry weather. On the SNAFU front: the festival still can't look after foreign guest speakers properly (Belgians this time with no food arranged) ...nor sort it's timing out (which is pretty key given some of the distances you have to travel between current venues).
21 Nov, 2011
Like students and climbers? They seem to sell all tickets, so why offer something cheaper that will mean less buy the expensive tickets if they can still pack it out?
21 Nov, 2011
If it keeps its trajectory as an increasingly expensive festival for older middle class people its spirit will wither. Somehow they need to find stuff for a younger keen audience with lower budgets. If that means bigger discounts that result in old(ish) farts like me booking earlier then so be it. They also don't always "pack it out". A good example was the John Horscroft quiz with Grimer and Lucy, reputably good but half empty so they should have charged less. On Friday morning, Lucky Dip (one the best film sets) had 8 people.
21 Nov, 2011
Woohoo! First time I've ever won anything :) Alan: The photo is on the Ballachulish Horseshoe, rather than Cairngorm. Cheers, Tom
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