VIDEO: 8B flash by Nacho Sánchez

Nacho Sánchez went over the French border to Targassonne for New year's. His wish was to flash his first 8B boulder.

Nacho says he has been close to the 8B flash several times before but no cigar...

His problem of choice was I shot Sarkonazy assis and this time things went very smooth though, so smooth in fact, that he initially thought this couldn't be 8B. But after struggling to repeat the single moves after the ascent, he felt it was probably correct after all.

He was also close on the flash of La Théorie du Chaos, 8B, but fell on the last move after doing all the hard stuff, and did it in a few tries.

8B or harder has previously been flashed by Paul Robinson, Adam Ondra, Daniel Woods, James Pearson, Magnus Midtboe, Nalle Hukkatival, Keita Mogaki, Tyler Landman and maybe some more.

Nacho Sánchez is sponsored by Boreal, Moon Climbing, Petzl, Beal, Charko and Belmez face

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