Alpine ascents from Keller and Robinson

Martin Keller on Kein Schneehäschen, 8B/+, Sustenpass, Switzerland, 138 kb
Martin Keller on Kein Schneehäschen, 8B/+, Sustenpass, Switzerland
© Angela Wagner

Winter is knocking on the door at the high altitude areas of the Alps. When the conditions are good however, they are really good and things can go down.

As always this time of year, Martin Keller is working his long time project at Sustenpass, Switzerland:

After I injured my finger (still not ok) and a "special" trip to Rocklands this summer, I just got into shape right now to tackle my 8-year "Highlander-project" up there at Sustenpass again.
I already managed to go down twice on the last move again [to get there he has to climb through Ikarus, 8B+] so its in full-epic mode again... - as I am used to ;)

In between I managed to send a project on the left of the Traumlandwall, which I already tried last fall but was not able to send (but not before also going down once on the last move on this one as well).
It's short and powerful compression climbing at its best. To give a bit a "contrast" to the name of the problem to the right which is called Pitbull, I gave my new problem the name Kein Schneehäschen (which means something like "this ain't a baby snow rabbit"). The grade should be somewhere between 8B and 8B+, but maybe it's just 7C (for a 2m guy as it's quite morpho...) - I have no clue - as always ;).

80 km west and on roughly the same altitude, ~2000m, Paul Robinson made short work of another short power problem, Bernd Zangerl's Anam cara, ~8B+, at Silvretta, Austria. Paul had a session on it last year, and now finished it off in a little more than an hour.

Martin Keller is sponsored by: Moon Climbing

Paul Robinson is sponsored by: La Sportiva, prAna and Black Diamond

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