Pure imagination, 9a, first* go by Lachat

In an earlier news post, I said a bunch of French and Swiss climbers were on their way to the Red River Gorge. Given what I'm about to tell you now, evidence would suggest this was not entirely correct and that they have already been there for a week or so.

During this week, especially Cédric Lachat has been very productive indeed.

At The Chocolate factory he managed to make a French first go* ascent of Jonathan Siegrist's Pure imagination, 9a.
In France, the tradition is to start counting attempts after the onsight or flash try. I don't know if Cédric actually tried to flash the route or if he simply worked out the moves and gave it a go.

For The Golden ticket, 9a, at the far right of the same crag, he needed five tries. He also onsighted Omaha beach, 8b+, at The Motherload.

If your French is better than mine, you can get a lot more information from the video below.

Source: Kairn

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