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Chasing Winter, 101 kb
Chasing Winter
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Chasing Winter, the latest release from PRAK Media in association with Born Denali, i.e Paul Robinson, Alex Kahn and Carlo Traversi, is about a group of strong climbers exploring the bouldering possibilities around Cape Town and to some extent, Rocklands, South Africa.

We get to watch them working on and making hard and not so hard ascents as well as repeating some of Paul's harder established stuff from the previous year. Paul also makes a repeat of Fred Nicole's Oliphant's dawn, ~8B+, in Rocklands.

After some time, 11 year old Ashima Shiraishi joins the crew and makes some truly astonishing repeats, including a couple of 8B's.

In short, this is a film about what most climbers do. We go on climbing trips, climb, hang out, talk shit, complain about the weather... etc. As these guys are world class, obviously they climb considerably harder than the rest of us, but other than that, it is all quite familiar, and that's what's inspiring.

Cape Town is definitely a place I can see myself visiting in the near future, and so is Rocklands.
Who doesn't want to put up new problems?

Also, the scenery is absolutely mind blowing, the footage is great and the soundtrack is the best I've heard in a climbing film since... I don't know when.

Chasing winter is available for HD Download for $14.99 through

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