Jimmy Webb's last day in Europe

Jimmy Webb in front of Radja at Branson, 125 kb
Jimmy Webb in front of Radja at Branson
© Fred Moix

Jimmy Webb got very close to flashing Fred Nicole's Radja, the first ~8B+ in the world with Fred's original method.

On his last climbing day of his European trip, Jimmy Webb went to Branson in the Swiss Valais region "to pay respect to some historic Fred Nicole blocs".
He got very close to flashing Radja, falling on the very last move. He also made a quick repeat of La danse de balrogs. ~8A+.

Since Fred's first ascents new beta has been found for both problems, which means that they are now one notch easier than they used to be. That also Fred's original method of climbing Radja is now considered ~8B rather that ~8B+ I guess could be attributed to the current grade deflation in the upper grades?

Photo from Fred Moix' instagram

 James Webb is sponsored by: prAna, Sterling Rope, Giddy Organics, Five Ten, Organic and Metolius.

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