Nalle repeats Emotional Landscapes, ~8C

Nalle Hukkataival has repeated another legendary problem at Maltatal, Austria - Klem Loskot's Emotional Landscapes, ~8C.

Klem made the first ascent in November 2002 after several years of trying it, but never suggested any grade. The struggle was immortalized in Udo's classic video below which was shot a couple of years prior to the ascent.

Emotional Landscapes has been repeated once, in 2004, by Martin Moser. However, he found a completely different solution compared to the one used in the video and didn't offer any grade. He only said he had no chance of doing it Klem's way.

Nalle: I'm a little too short to do exactly Klem's method, but I did something close to it."

Apparently there is video footage, so stay tuned.

Nalle Hukkataival is sponsored by: Black Diamond and La Sportiva

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6 May, 2014
I'm looking forward to the video of NAlle on it. I can't watch that one.
6 May, 2014
Mythical? You mean it doesn't actually exist? I think you mean legendary.
6 May, 2014
Well maybe, but then "legendary" is more or less the same thing, no?
6 May, 2014
Hmmm, interesting point! I guess a legend and a myth could be considered to be rather similar in meaning, although a legend could be based on historical facts, whilst a myth is always a myth - i.e. not true. But modern usage amplifies that difference - mythical means 'not real' whilst legendary means very famous. Tomo Cesen recorded many mythical climbs, Reinhold Messner did many legendary climbs. At least that's how I'd use the two words.
6 May, 2014
Maybe he really means mythical. Like Si O'Connor's problems.
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