Ondra onsights Il Domani, 9a

Aam Ondra onsighting Il Domani, 9a, Baltzola © Patxi Usobiaga climbing trips
Aam Ondra onsighting Il Domani, 9a, Baltzola
© Patxi Usobiaga climbing trips

Adam Ondra has onsighted Il Domani, 9a, in the Baltzola cave, Basque country.

The most impressive climbing I have ever seen! says Patxi Usobiaga who witnessed the ascent. He should know what he is talking about having onsighted 8c+ himself.

It was also Patxi who made the first ascent of this route in March 2003. Needless to say, this was the first time it has been onsighted.

This was Adam's second 9a onsight after Pirmin Bertle's La Cabane au Canada at Rawyl, which he did in July last year.

He has been training very hard lately trying to reach a level where he more consistently can onsight 9a's and, well, he seems to be getting there...

In two weeks he'll be competing in the Innsbruck Bouldering WC, and then there's the Lead WC. That will be interesting!

Here is a video of Iban Larrion climbing Il Domani a few years ago.

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Beal, Black Diamond, Entre-Prises, Hudy Sports, La Sportiva and Montura

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4 May, 2014
Stunning, both the achievement and the cave. Hard to comprehend how hard it is, may aswell think about hard difficult it is to play golf on Mars.
5 May, 2014
Holy f*ck.
5 May, 2014
And he's focussing on competitions this year. Could be interesting to see how he does with 9a onsight form.
5 May, 2014
Indeed, we have yet to see what he can do on Grit though :-) He's such an impressive chap.
5 May, 2014
Nice to see Hubble still giving him a beating - fairplay to the lad tho, getting on it after just a couple of hours sleep.
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