Reinis vibes, 8c/+, by Jain Kim

Jain Kim on Reini's vibes, 8c/+, Massone, Arco

Jain Kim has repeated Reinis vibes, 8c/+, at Massone, Arco.

Although Jain Kim is ranked #1 in the world in Lead climbing and has a list of victories longer than my arm (and her arm span), she is more or less a newbie on rock. Only a few weeks ago she climbed her first 8b+ (entry level for newbies), a couple of days ago her first 8c, and now Reini's vibes, 8c/+!

Reinis vibes is, as Bibita Biologica, a steep route in the Il Pueblo sector at Massone, Arco.

I'm pretty sure this one looked easy as well.

Jain Kim is sponsored by: Samsung and The North Face

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