The man that follows Hell, 9a+, in five tries by Megos

Alexander Megos  © Megos coll.
Alexander Megos
© Megos coll.

Alexander Megos has made the 3rd ascent, after Markus Bock and Adam Ondra, of The man that follows Hell, ~9a+, at Grüne Hölle, Frankenjura.

Hell yeah! Today I followed the "man that follows hell"(9a+)!!! Took me 1,5h to get in there... and it was pretty hot too... Glad it just took me 5 attempts to pass the gateway to hell :)

This is the 5th 9th grade route Alex makes quick work of in the last month.
- Action directe
- Matador
- Black Label
- The Essential
- The man that follows hell

He also made a 4th go ascent of Manuel Brunn's Kawaschuwu, ~8c+, which according to Alex could as well be 9a.

Working his way through the hard routes in Frankenjura looks like a very deliberate plan of Alex':

Jep, everything is part of the plan. The plan of getting stronger ;)

Alex Megos is sponsored by: Blue Water Ropes, DMM, Entre-Prises, Patagonia and Tenaya

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21 May, 2014
Stirling effort from Megos! That's a ridiculous tick list he's putting together out there. Sounds like his experiences echo Adam's: Adam Ondra returned to Frankenjura and made a very fast repeat of Markus Bock´s route The man tat follow the hell, which is a direct start to Kawachuwu 8c+. The line continues on small finger pockets and more than 40 degrees. Adam said about: “30mins this year, very close to send last year (2 days), hard 9a, but the difference between Kawaschuwu and this is not two grades in my opinion“. J