Emma Twyford Flashes Yukan II, E6/7

Emma Twyford climbing Yukan II, E6/7 6b, Nesscliffe, 176 kb
Emma Twyford climbing Yukan II, E6/7 6b, Nesscliffe
© Ollie Cain

Emma Twyford recently headed over to Nesscliffe in Shropshire with a strong team from North Wales consisting of Pete Robins, James McHaffie, Alex Mason and Ollie Cain. Whilst there she made an impressive flashed ascent of Yukan II, E6/7 6b.

Emma and her climbing partner for the day, Alex Mason decided to try the route after warming up on Straight Talk, E3 5c to the left. Alex went first but fell off halfway up the route seriously pumped. Emma pulled the ropes, and climbed the route on her first go with the gear from Alex's attempt still in. Emma commented on her flash:

"Alex and I started eyeing up Yukan II, Alex was keen to go first giving it a valiant effort but falling at half way. We then watched Caff [James McHaffie] fall off Sunburst, E7 6c, which must be hard as Pete didn't do it either! I then decided to give Yukan II a go after Alex had fallen off so some of the kit was in but we pulled the ropes.

I was a bit nervous about popping off with sandy nature of the rock but it was nice and techers so it really suited me. Soon I was at the top doing some sandy ledge shuffling!

Alex then smashed it in second go with some awe inspiring power screaming!"

Despite not managing Sunburst, Caff and Pete Robins impressively climbed Leaf Storm, E6 6b as a warm-up. Not a bad day at Nesscliffe as Emma commented:

"All in all a great day with some very dry banter - what more can a girl ask for!?"

Emma Twyford is sponsored by: DMM, Five Ten and Mountain Hardwear

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