VIDEO: 4th and 6th in World Champs for Brits Coxsey and Tracy

The 2014 IFSC Boulder World Championships were held in Munich, this August 21-23, 2014. The world’s top boulderers gave their all before a crowd of more than 6,000 supporters in a suspense-filled final that came down to the last attempts of the very last problem.

In the end, Germany’s Juliane Wurm took gold on home soil and the Czech Republic’s Adam Ondra clinched his first Boulder World Champion title.

Britain's Shauna Coxsey came in 4th place and current British Champion Michaela Tracy finished 6th.

The women’s competition saw the return of a more relaxed Alex Puccio (USA) after the Vail World Cup in June, and the break from competition did wonders for her climbing. While the rest of the field struggled for a single top, she easily topped the first two boulders, as well as the last run-and-jump problem. Germany’s Juliane Wurm, spurred on by the positively electric home crowd, kept on Puccio’s tail, and climbing the final problem of the competition, managed to top with fewer attempts than Puccio and clinch the title with 3 tops in 8 attempts. Puccio took silver with three tops in 9 attempts, and Japan’s Akiyo Noguchi took bronze with a final score of 1 top in 1 attempt. 

The men’s field was just as exciting, with the last problem deciding between the Czech Republic’s Adam Ondra or Germany’s Jan Hojer for first place. Adam climbed before Jan to a score of 4 tops in 16 attemps, and Hojer, the last climber on the last problem, had to top out in fewer attempts to take the title. Hojer was not able to make the top, and Ondra took gold with a score of 4 tops in 16 attempts. Jernej Kruder of Slovenia took silver with 3 tops in 12 attempts and 4 bonuses in 13, and Hojer took bronze with 3 tops in 12 attempts and 3 bonuses in 9.

Other British results:

  • Charlotte Garden - 33rd
  • Dave Barrans - 41st
  • Nathan Philips - 59th
  • Jon Partridge - 66th
  • Matthew Cousins - 75th
  • Tom Newman - 92nd.

VIDEO: World Championships 2014

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