Montecore, ~8C, and Riot act, ~8B/+, by Megos

Between his trip to the US and his long weekend in Stockholm, Alex Megos squeezed in a short bouldering session in Frankenjura, managing to repeat both Montecore and Riot act in a matter of hours.

Alex is perhaps best known a route climber and yes, on routes he is probably the only one who can challenge Adam Ondra, but he has quite a track record on the pebbles as well. Those of you who watched the Legends Only competition know what I mean.

This was the 5th ascent of Montecore and if Alex suggests ~8B+, I think it's safe to safe that must be on the stiff side as everyone else seem to agree on 8C...

According to Alex the "boulders were not that hard, just probably my style and no one else's style... That's why they were graded that hard...


Alex Megos is sponsored by: Red Bull, DMM, Patagonia and Tenaya Blue Water Ropes and Entre-Prises

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