Ciudad de Dios, 9a/+, by Ashima

Ashima Shiraishi on Ciudad de Dios, 9a/+, Santa Linya, Spain, 183 kb
Ashima Shiraishi on Ciudad de Dios, 9a/+, Santa Linya, Spain
© Ashima Shiraishi, Instagram

Proving her ascent of Open your mind direct the other day was not just blind luck, Ashima Shiraishi has now gone ahead and done Ciudad de Dios, 9a/+, as well, still in the Santa Linya, cave.

According to Henning Wang, This route is a link-up of the same direct start (8c+) she did for Open your Mind and the classic la Fabela (8c+) that she did last year.

Two days ago, she fell off the last move and now, after a rest day, she managed to do it although the conditions, as for Magnus Midtbø's ascent of Papichulo, were far from ideal
Henning in the morning of the day of the ascent: It's been raining hard since yesterday, and though the route stays dry, conditions are bound to be very humid and slippy. Will she pull a Magnus and send today anyways?

Well, as we now know, she did, and she needed only three days for this one. This would be impressive even if she were 15, and she still hasn't celebrated her 14th birthday!

Ashima Shiraishi is sponsored by: Clif Bar, Evolv, Petzl and The North Face

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