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Scottish winter  © UKC News

Fri Night Vid A Scottish Mountains Story

The top of Disco Buttress  © Henry Castle

Pembroke New Routing Spree: Disco Buttress

Griffin Whiteside on The Big Island, ~8C, Fontainebleau, France  © Cole Bradburn

Griffin Whiteside is back in Fontainebleau

Tanya Meredith  © UKC News

Video Tanya Meredith on Traverse of the Gods 8b+

Toby setting off on Raindogs with Ian Dunne giving guidance  © Tristian Roberts

Youngest Ascent of Raindogs 8a for 10 year-old Toby Roberts

Niccolò Ceria on Voyager sit start, ~8B+, Burbage North  © Giulia Paoletti

Niccolò Ceria repeats Voyager sit start, Font 8B+

Will Stanhope in Squamish  © UKC News

Fri Night Vid Will Stanhope Soloing in Squamish

Seb Bouin on A muerte bilou, 9a, La Ramirole, Verdon, France  © Pierre Délas/Kairn

Video A muerte Bilou, 9a, by Seb Bouin

Alex Megos on Supernova, 9a+/b, Planetarium, Frankenjura  © Arnaud Petit

Two 9a's in a day by Megos

william bosi monk life  © UKC News

Monk Life 8B+ for 16 year-old William Bosi

Sean McColl in China  © UKC News

IFSC Lead World Cup Wujiang: Report

Toshi Takeuchi on Asagimadara, ~8C, Mizugaki, Japan  © Hiroshi Asada

Asagimadara, ~8C, by Toshi Takeuchi

Alex Puccio on Don't get too greedy, ~8B, RMNP Co  © Joel Zerr

8B and 8A+ by Alex Puccio

Frank and the Tower  © UKC News

Fri Night Vid Frank and the Tower

Wendy Coles  © Tom Ball

First 8b for Wendy Coles - Eurofighter

Climber: Tony Shepherd and Cliff Fanshawe. Play Misty For Me E3 5c**, Misty Wall, Castlemartin Area, Pembroke  © Tony Shepherd

Pembroke: Castlemartin Ranges Access for 2016

Rhys Langlands on The Force 8b  © Spiral Out Pictures

The Force 8b for 14 year-old Rhys Langlands

Matilda Söderlund    © Björn Pohl

Podcast Matilda Söderlund

Robbie Phillips on The Quarryman  © Anna Wells

The Quarryman for Robbie Phillips and Ian Cooper

Jim Pope on Mecca  © UKC News

Sixteen year-old Jim Pope repeats Mecca Extension 8c

Crag Overview has live Access Issues from the BMC RAD database  © UKC News

HUGE Logbook Updates on UKC!

Neil Freakshow  © UKC News

Video Neil Gresham's Freakshow

Dai Koyamada on Kawaki no umi, ~8B+/C, Minamata  © Ikuko Serata

Video Dai Koyamada vs. Kawaki no Umi, ~8B+/C

Ashima Shiraishi on Blood Meridian, ~8B, Bishop, CA  © Kenji Tsukamoto

2nd ascent of Nuclear war, ~8B+, by Ashima

Tom Randall on The Final Round  © Peter Kneen / CrimpingtonBear Photography

Fri Night Vid Tom Randall's Final Round

Angelika Rainer winning the women's event  © Jon Griffith/Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull White Cliffs 2015: Report

David Lama  © Lama coll.

Video David Lama climbs Avaatara, 9a, in the Baatara Gorge, Lebanon

A refugee gets to grips with bouldering in Hamburg  © FLASHH Boulder Spot

A Helping Hand for Refugees in Hamburg

Mayan and Ines  © UKC News

Video Mt Waddington SW Buttress First Ascent

Dave Graham on Thor's hammer, 9a+, Flatanger, Norway  © Cameron Maier/Bearcam media

Pringle and Graham repeat Thor's hammer, 9a+

Alex Megos on Supernova, 9a+/b, Planetarium, Frankenjura  © Arnaud Petit

Megos climbs Supernova, 9a+/b, Frankenjura's hardest

Jim Pope on form at the BLCC's  © Jody Cliffe/Ladoza Photography

British Lead and Speed Climbing Championships 2015: Report

Piz Badile  © UKC News

Video Adventures on the Piz Badile

Ed Booth climbing Rare Lichen E9 6c  © Calum Muskett

Double Ascent of Rare Lichen E9 6c for Booth and Kille

Sachi Amma during the Red Bull 5 blocks  © Amma coll.

New Base Line, ~8B+, 3rd go by Amma

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