Massacrate, ~9a+/8C, first ascent by Jernej Kruder

Jernej Kruder on Massacrate, ~9a+/8C, Golobove pecine, Slovenia, 90 kb
Jernej Kruder on Massacrate, ~9a+/8C, Golobove pecine, Slovenia
© Luka Tambača
Jernej Kruder gave himself the best birthday present possible by making the first ascent of Massacrate, ~9a+/8C, at Golobove pecine in Slovenia.

By far the hardest thing I ever sent. I won't consider it as a boulder, cause it's a 60+ moves long beast, so I just propose my personal grade as 9a+ route. For those who don't consider it as a route, you should call it a hard 8C boulder problem. Even though there are some small limitations it's still an astonishing line that I'm very proud of. 
Short description: 7C+ boulder problem into 13 long moves on quite good holds in almost a roof and straight to an 8A boulder problem in just two very difficult moves. After that you just need to be a bit focus for the last 7B+ boulder or you could say 8a route.

Jernej should know what he is talking about as his tick list includes climbs like The Story of two worlds, ~8C, In time, 8c+/9a, as well as several 8B+'s and 8c+'s.

How many days did you work on it?


Years? Lives?

Lives! No, but it was five years. I've been feeling quite "olympic" the last few weeks :)

Jernej Kruder is sponsored by: Boulderkeskus, Scarpa and adidas

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