Chon Jongwon climbs, flashes and crashes

Chon Jongwon, 63 kb
Chon Jongwon
© Eddie Fowke/The Circuit Climbing
Chon Jongwon, currently ranked #1 on the IFSC Boulder ranking, has flashed Bear Toss, ~8B, on the Veritas boulder in the Rocky Mountain National Park. The following day he did Jade, ~8B+, in the Upper Chaos Canyon third go after coming close on the flash.

Afterwards: Walking a cliff edge path between boulders a hold broke and pitched him 20 feet off a cliff. Luckily his years of bouldering experience saved him from major damage. He's incredibly lucky to get away with some nasty cuts.//Eddie Fowke

This resulted in six stiches, but luckily he seems to be ok.

Bear toss is on the same boulder as Daniel Woods' unrepeated Hypnotized minds, ~8C+, so who knows, maybe Chon can bounce back and make the first repeat. Unless Rustam Gelmanov beats him to it that is.

The young Korean is no stranger to hard outdoor bouldering. In March, he repeated Asagimadara, ~8C in six goes and Mineruba, ~8B+, in two, both at Mizugaki, Japan.

Meanwhile Daniel's project is to link Bear Toss into Hypnotized minds and create Hypnotized bears(?), ~9A.

For more from Mr Woods, listen to The Ledge


Chon Jongwon is sponsored by: adidas and La Sportiva

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