Delirium, ~8C, by Dave Graham

Dave Graham on Delirium, ~8C, Mt Evans, Colorado, 93 kb
Dave Graham on Delirium, ~8C, Mt Evans, Colorado
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Dave Graham has repeated Jimmy Webb's Delirium, ~8C, at Mount Evans, Colorado. Delirium starts like The Wheel of Wolvo, ~8C, but exits more direct via Dismantling the enemy, a hard and powerful 8A+.

Jimmy made the first ascent in September 2013 and it was repeated shortly afterwards by Daniel Woods. 

Made the 3rd ascent of Delirium [8c] last night up at Wolvoland after the big thunderstorm ⚡️⚡️⚡️ YESSSSS!!!! ... 7 days of effort spread over the last three weeks. Super challenging conditions this June! Extreme heat, thunderstorms, or just pure rain made the send seem like a pipe dream, especially after falling off the last move two separate occasions with the same disastrous heel slip punting.

Next for Dave is a trip to South Africa, so hopefully we'll soon hear more from him. Until then, there's always the podcast.

Dave Graham is sponsored by: Five Ten, Friction Labs, Petzl, Trangoworld and Walltopia

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