Ashima repeats Sleepy rave, ~8C

Ashima Shiraishi on Sleepy rave, ~8C, HMC, Grampians, Australia, 133 kb
Ashima Shiraishi on Sleepy rave, ~8C, HMC, Grampians, Australia
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Ashima Shiraishi has repeated Dai Koyamada's Sleepy Rave, a link up of Sleepy Hollow, 8A+, Cave man, 7C, and Dead Can't Dance, 8A, in the Hollow Mountain Area bouldering, Grampians, Australia.

What a day today!!! I might've had the best climbing day yet😁 I SENT SLEEPY RAVE (V15) 😍🙈🙈 then climbed Mana (V13) which kicked my ass yesterday. Both climbs put up by @dai_koyamada . And of course the news of the confirmation of climbing being in the 2020 @olympics 🇯🇵 It always feels amazing when you realize that the pain, sweat and tears were worth it!

Ashima calls it ~8C, which was also Dai Koyamada's original suggestion back when The wheel of life was considered ~8C+. I'm not sure it's still considered ~8C, and I guess 8A+ to 7C to 8A wouldn't normally add up to it, but who am I to tell?

If Ashima can now add X-treme cool, ~7C, she will have the full cave link-up (The Wheel of Life) in the bag.

Ashima Shiraishi is sponsored by: ClifBar, Evolv, Nikon USA, Petzl and The North Face

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