Lucid Dreaming, ~8C, by Toru Nakajima

Toru Nakajima on Lucid Dreaming, ~8C, Bishop, CA, 115 kb
Toru Nakajima on Lucid Dreaming, ~8C, Bishop, CA
© Toru Nakajima coll.
On his third trip to Bishop, and after specialized training, Toru Nakajima has managed to make the 4th ascent of Paul Robinson's Lucid Dreaming, ~8C. 

Paul made the first ascent in late March 2010, and it has since been repeated by Daniel Woods and Alex Megos. Initially, ~8C+ was suggested, but Paul changed his mind long before Daniel made the 2nd ascent.

After 16days efforts, three seasons, finally I did my long standing project Lucid Dreaming!! We arrived in Bishop the15th but rain kept us inside until yeasterday. Rain stopped yesterday noon, I realized I could check the holds and my condition on everything.

We walked and laughed loads because of the heavy snow this January. I cleaned up the holds, placed the mats, and practiced the crux move like last year. I realized I could do the crux move far easier than last year. Although my middle finger skin split, I thought I could complete this problem and had to do it now.

I started from the beginning, caught the glassy and small pinch, and caught the final crimp like it was practice. I couldn't believe it while on my way to the top, or even when I descended to the ground.

I paid enormous energy and time, I felt a heavy mental pressures during last two years, however I felt it easier than I expected.

I was really happy, but as times go on, I became confused. Maybe I have to wait for a while to understand what meaning this three seasons. Thank you everyone who cheered and supported me!! Now it's time to go next thing. There are so many things I wanted do after Lucid Dreaming.

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