Margo Hayes repeats La Rambla, 9a+

Margo Hayes has repeated Ramon Julián Puigblanque's La Rambla (extension), 9a+, at Siurana - Valley in Spain. This was the first female ascent of a 9a+ route.

Margo Hayes © Greg Mionske
Margo Hayes
© Greg Mionske

Previously Josune Bereziertu and Ashima Shiraishi have repeated routes in the 9a-9a/+ range, but never a confirmed 9a+ classic like this one. According to what Greg Mionske told it took the 19-year-old seven days of work.

Her hardest ascents before this were one 9a (Bad Girl's Club) and a couple of 8c+'s.

At last year's World Youth Championships at Guangzhou, China, Margo took Gold in both Lead and Bouldering in the Junior category, and she has already reached the final in a senior WC bouldering competition (Vail 2015).

We'll no doubt hear more about this soon.

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Margo Hayes has been pushing her personal limits and redefining convention since she was competing in Female Youth D divisions. A creative, intelligent, and driven young woman has emerged after years of training on...

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26 Feb, 2017
Fantastic effort by a super talented climber. But is it really the first female 9a+? I remember in an interview with Adam Ondra him saying that it's only 9a+ if you climb it the original way. At that time only Ramon and Ondra had done that: everyone else had done the an easier variant. As I remember this involved a good shake out before the top crux. (Can't remember which mag it was in but it was a high quality online one where you could view all the back isssues as PDFs.)
26 Feb, 2017
I don't follow these things too closely, but didn't the start get harder a while ago after a hold broke? I recall Enzo Oddo being the first to repeat it in its new state, which I seem to recall made it more confirmed at 9a+. Of course I may be talking half-remembered rubbish. edit: just remembered I'm getting it confused with Realization at Ceuse, so ignore the above incoherent ramblaing.
26 Feb, 2017
Seriously impressive.
26 Feb, 2017
Surely it's ashima. Especially since the grade of this one is disputed
26 Feb, 2017 This photo really is brilliant, too many emotions to even begin describing. Fantastic effort!
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