NEWSFLASH: Britain's First 9b by Steve McClure

Steve McClure has finally ticked his long-term super project at Malham Cove to establish the UK's first 9b. The line starts up Raindogs 8a, negotiates the crux of Rainshadow 9a, then leads up Batman 9a/+ before finishing up Bat Route 8c. Steve has not yet named the route, but has referred to it as 'The Easy Easy' project in the past. We hope to hear from him shortly to provide more details.

Steve McClure passes the crux on the successful redpoint attempt
© Ian Dunn

Those following Steve on social media will be aware of his redpoint saga on the project. After many years of training, progress, failure and doubt - and repeated falls from the last hard move - it all came together last night:

Ian Dunn was there to witness the ascent. He told UKC: 'It was awesome to watch history in the making. Come on Adam Ondra, time to repeat it and confirm the grade!'

This new line replaces Steve's previous project, Overshadow 9a+ - which he climbed in 2007 and was later confirmed by Adam Ondra at 'hard 9a+' - as the hardest sport route in the UK. With this ascent, Steve is the first British climber to achieve 9b.

More information to follow...

Steve is sponsored by: Five Ten, Rockcity, Marmot, Petzl, Rockcity and is a BMC Ambassador.

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5 Jun, 2017
Absolutely incredible, Stevie Mac is a national treasure. Lets club together for a knighthood
5 Jun, 2017
The most appropriate guy to have given the UK it's first 9b. Leg-end!
5 Jun, 2017
Brilliant effort that I have enjoyed following via the evil Facebook from the other side of the world. Congratulations Steve. Delighted of Australia.
5 Jun, 2017
Rainshadow into Batman makes... Rainman?
5 Jun, 2017
what a hero
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