Gwen Moffat & Helen Mort on BBC Radio 3 - Between the Ears

93 year old climber and author Gwen Moffat has taken part in the BBC Radio 3 series Between the Ears, which is due to air tomorrow (Saturday 30th September) at 9:30pm. The programme, titled Between the Ears: Give Me Space Below My Feet - which alludes to Gwen's book Space Below My Feet - will feature commissioned poetry read aloud by Helen Mort and recorded in binaural sound in an attempt to evoke the sensations of climbing on Middlefell Buttress.

Will the experimental sound match up to reality, and will Gwen be taken back to her climbing days?

Gwen Moffat in the Lake District, 198 kb
Gwen Moffat in the Lake District
© Jim Herrington

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