VIDEO: Bullock and Sim on Canadian North Faces

Will Sim has shared a video with some rough-and-ready footage of his trip to Canada with Nick Bullock in 2014, when the pair made the first repeat of the House-Anderson route on the North Face of Mt Alberta (UKC interview) and climbed Humble Horse on the North Face of Mount Diadem.

WIll sent in the following blurb about the video:

In September 2014 Nick Bullock and I went to the Canadian rockies for a month in search of big limestone north faces we didn't know much about. The following Christmas, while having some family time at my parents' house, I decided to try and edit some of our footage as a strategy to keep out of the pub. Those who know me know that attaching a file to an email is about as far as my computer abilities go, and therefore won't be surprised that after a few days I gave up and forgot about it.

Fast forward four years and I stumble across a file called "Albertamovieroughsave". With no idea where the original footage has been saved to, I thought I'd upload it anyway. It's better that people get to see it like it is than it remain as an inanimate file on a forgotten hard-drive. It really needs about 60% of the footage removed and from about halfway it is literally unedited. This on the one hand makes for very boring viewing. But on the other hand, it's quite cool to see the bare bones of Nick and myself getting a bit stressed out high on Alberta's headwall, and lost in a storm on the descent.

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