Ciudad de dios pa la enmienda, ~9a/+ first ascent by Anak Verhoeven

Anak Verhoeven on Ciudad de Dios, 9a, Santa Linya, 189 kb
Anak Verhoeven on Ciudad de Dios, 9a, Santa Linya
© Anak Verhoven coll.
Anak Verhoeven has made what's probably the first ascent of Ciudad de Dios pa la Enmienda as Santa Linya, Catalunya. The route is an extension of Ciudad de Dios, continuing into la Novena Enmienda.

Obviously this is not easy. Exactly how difficult it is is not easy to say though. Anak makes an attempt:

The guidebook calls Ciudad de Dios a 9a/+. That would certainly make the extension I climbed yesterday a 9a+. However, Edu Marin thinks Ciudad de Dios might have become 9a over the years due to new methods. And then the link-up would be a 9a/+.
So what should I say?
I think I know...
I'll call it a 9a/++ 😅

Last week Anak repeated Ciudad de Dios on her first redpoint attempt after working the moves for a couple of days. She also did La Fabela, 8c+.

Anak Verhoeven is sponsored by: La Sportiva and Petzl

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