FRI NIGHT VID: Live Premiere of Adam Ondra's Silence

Our Friday Night Video this week is the live premiere of the film that features Adam Ondra's ascent of the world's hardest sport climb: Silence, 9c. There will be an introduction from Adam, as well as from special guest Jerry Moffatt. Adam completed Silence in September 2017 and it was the first route in the world to be given 9c.

Adam bolted Project Hard in 2012 and has described the route as a 15m 8b to a good but uncomfortable rest, then a proper Font 8C into a bat-hang rest, followed by another 8B boulder section near the top.

The three existing 9b+'s in the world, Change (L1+L2), La Dura dura and Vasil, vasil, were all put up by Adam, and only one, La Dura Dura, has been repeated by Chris Sharma.

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