VIDEO: Martin Keller vs. Big Cat, ~8B+

Recently Martin Keller managed to repeat Jimmy Webb's Big Cat, ~8B+, at Chironico, Switzerland. It didn't give in without a fight.

Sometimes it's easy to get the impression hard ascents come without much effort. You watch a video or find a nice looking line, get inspired and just do it in a few tries.

Sometimes, that's exactly what happens I guess.

Oftentimes, the path to success is considerably longer and full of ups and downs. No one illustrates this more and better than Swiss climber Martin Keller. Martin rarely, if ever, gives up and his thirteen year struggle to make the first ascent of Highlander, ~8C, at the Sustenpass is almost legendary.

Before you watch the video below, I suggest you go to Martin's blog to get the whole story.

Martin Keller is sponsored by: Friction Labs and Moon

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