Niccolò Ceria flashes Trifecta Middle, ~8B

Niccolò Ceria on Trifecta Middle, ~8B, Flock Hill, NZ, 181 kb
Niccolò Ceria on Trifecta Middle, ~8B, Flock Hill, NZ
© Gomez Garcia Gonzalez
Niccolò Ceria has managed a very impressive flash ascent of Chris Sharma's Trifecta Middle, ~8B, at Flock Hill, New Zealand.

Flashed Chris Sharma's "Trifecta Middle" today at Flock Hill!
Another world classic problem off from the life time list!

The reportedly very desperate and slopey problem was put by Sharma back in 2005 and had to wait almost a decade for its second ascent by British ex-pat Dan Smith. It has also been repeated by Jimmy Webb.

Hopefully this means Niky's injury problems have finally come to an end!

Niccòlo Ceria is sponsored by: Flathold, Friction Labs and adidas

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