Daniel Jung repeats Recovery Drink, 5.14+ crack

Daniel Jung has made the first repeat of Nico Favresse's 2013 crack test piece Recovery drink, a steep crack on the Profilveggen at Jøssingfjord in the southern most part of Norway.

Several crack specialists, including Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall, have worked hard for this coveted second ascent lately, and in the end Daniel got there first.

Daniel Jung on Recovery Drink, 5.14+
© Fred Moix

He writes on IG:

The Recovery Drink is DONE!! What a beautiful line, what a nice challenge! I'm extremely happy to have sent it finally on my very last day.

Daniel has been in Norway for a month and has been very close to succeeding for quite a while, falling several times on the final crux move or doing the route with one hang, sometimes twice a day.

Regarding the difficulty... As far as I know, Nico called it 5.14+, which I guess should imply at least 8c. It will be interesting to hear what Mr Jung says.

Photo by: Fred Moix, check out his IG for more great photos!

Watch a film about Nico's first ascent below, in which he tries the line with Daniel:

Daniel Jung is sponsored by: Black Diamond and Five Ten

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It seems quite commonplace here now. Not for routes in the UK as we don't have many real cracks, but certainly a lot of UK climbers are giving routes they climb in the Himalaya/ Greenland etc American grades for the...
Because America (specifically Yosemite and Indian Creek) is where the vast majority of people learn to crack climb properly, and as such it is easier to speak about the difficulty of a crack in American grades. Same...
Awesome! The potential for hard ascents on Norwegian granite never ends, it seems. But, why is a route in Norway, climbed by a Belgian and repeated by a German, given an American grade on a British climbing site..?

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