FRI NIGHT VID: Molly Mitchell - Becoming a Warrior

This week's Friday Night Video features US climber and coach Molly Mitchell on the road to redpointing Gild the Lily 5.14a (8b+) at Mt. Charleston, Nevada. The film Becoming a Warrior by Digital Stoke Media gives an insight into Molly's motivations for climbing and explores her experiences of anxiety with admirable openness and honesty.

She wrote on Instagram about the film:

'I really appreciate the word "warrior." I feel like it captures strength and vulnerability in having to work hard for something. When I think about who I want to be - as a professional athlete, as a mentor, as a person, the word warrior sums it up. I want people to know what fighting means to me. I fight every day. I fight in my training and outdoor projects, I fight to be the best coach I can be and make an impact on the next generation, and sometimes - I even fight myself. Anxiety has gotten the best of me many times, and it's something that I have to work on daily... I even get anxiety about writing Instagram posts. I honestly forgot how in depth I go in this film about my anxiety. Watching back, my heart hurt a little because I describe exactly what happens to me when I start to get in my head and spiral. This film is true to me. I laugh at my own jokes, I care about others, and I work hard every day to be who I want to be in life. Sometimes as an athlete I feel like it's too much about me - but with this I hope that others can relate and maybe use it as fuel to help them fight towards their own goals - and know that it's OK to have hardships, doubts, and insecurities. It can strengthen your mind more than ever in the long run. Thanks so much to everyone who made this possible behind the scenes...'

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Love her passion. What a great route and achievement, but to me irreverent of the grade, the Passion is what its all about.  I think we can all have some anxiety or just "stuff", but when climbing it's just you and the...
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