FRI NIGHT VID: The Wideboyz Crack on in Canyonlands

Earlier this year Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker (AKA the Wideboyz) travelled back to their favourite crack haunt of Canyonlands National Park in Utah, where they established another hard first ascent in the White Rim – Black Mamba 5.14b – likely their hardest roof crack yet. This ascent came just days after they made the first repeats of Necronomicon 5.13d/5.14a (UKC article).

A film about their trip has just been released, which features all the grit (OK, sandstone in this case), determination and hilarity that we've come to know of this pair's adventures. Are you prepared to try so hard that your underwear breaks?

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Tom is a trad climber at heart, whose passion for the unknown in climbing has lead to numerous new routes both in the UK and overseas.

FA's of multiple 5.14 trad routes, repeats of many of the world's...

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  • Rope soloed El Capitan in 20 hours 6 minutes
  • First ascent of Dynamics of Change (E9 7a), Burbage South, Peak District
  • First ascent of Century Crack (5.14b), the world’s hardest off-width,...

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21 Jun

Love it. Absolutely great. I've had a shit day in the office doing my IT stuff, and (have drunk too much wine) just love seeing that these two are still out there getting the most out of life, doing amazing things and being insiprational. I find most climbing vids deeply tedious, but as soon as I see Wide Boyz (sp?) my eyes light up and I'll be entertained .

Go boys go.

22 Jun

WC: "Hey everybody! Use the best new belay device in the world! It's fantastic!"

Pete: *uses Munter's hitch*

22 Jun

Cracks me up how you don’t really see any WC cams in this, but you do see a load of valley giants...

22 Jun

Do WC make them big enough? You'd wonder if it was worth them making some specially, given the sponsorship exposure they get.

(Sorry, I realise I'm just making the same point as you in a more long winded fashion)

22 Jun

They haven't as far as I know made the size 5&6 tech friend since 2013, maybe longer? Sure, those never went as big as the valley giants, but still...

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