FRI NIGHT VID: Sean Villanueva: A tricky off-width and first ascent in the Czech Republic

This week's Friday Night Video takes us to Adršpach in the Czech Republic where Sean Villanueva and a few local climbers attempt an awful looking offwidth on the frictionless sandstone of the area. Villanueva describes the process of working the route as 'like reading Chinese.' Once the team has had their fill of jamming, they move on to a beautiful project on old, spaced bolts that are typical of the area.

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6 Sep

The thing I find a bit weird about looking at this is that he never seems to think about arm jamming, facing left into the crack. Plus heel and toe and a bit of knee. I'm sure I've done some (admittedly shorter) things at High Rocks that looked just as fierce as that. To try and hand jam and/or layback the way he does is obviously going to be desperate.

6 Sep

Me too.


7 Sep
I have a suspicion it's one of those things that looks a lot easier than it really is.

Yes, it's got to be, hasn't it? In which case my comment is outrageously ridiculous :)

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