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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sport Climbing Barbie Doll Launched

Toy manufacturers Mattel have launched a new range of Barbie, Hot Wheels and Uno toys and games with an Olympic theme, featuring the five new sports added to the Olympic programme in Tokyo: sport climbing, baseball/softball, surfing, karate and skateboarding.

Sport Climber Barbie.

The collection was designed in collaboration with the IOC and the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, to highlight inclusivity and innovation and 'inspire a new generation of athletes and fans around the world.'

Mattel launches licensed Tokyo 2020 dolls, cars and card games.

The Barbie doll's climbing equipment set-up has been criticised online, notably the open-gate quickdraws clipped into her leg loops and 'attaching' her to the rope via a belay device. Barbie's chalkbag is also attached to a leg loop. She is a 'made to move' doll and comes equipped with a gold medal, spare quickdraws and a Tokyo 2020 sweatshirt.

This isn't the first climbing Barbie, however. 'Camping Fun' Barbie is an established rock climber, complete with pink helmet and harness and 'the gear and the moves to conquer all types of terrain.'

Sport Climber Barbie told UKC: 'Life on plastic, it's fantastic.'

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22 Feb

Sport climbing Barbie and camping fun Barbie don't hang out together. Camping fun Barbie thinks that sport climbing Barbie is shallow and only cares about grade chasing, doesn't take the time to appreciate nature and enjoy just being in the mountains...

22 Feb

Is Ken all right with this?

22 Feb

I'm holding on for the Ken doll, the (un)limited edition version, with "unwanted beta" voice

I thought about creating a whole narrative about this but decided not to let the 5 year old me get too carried away!

(and yes, Ken too, etc....)

22 Feb

From the image, I have a few concerns about her safety at the crag. Still at least she looks like a climber, and we all know that's what it all about. 👍 In reality my little girls are extremely excited about this... 😊

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