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The popular YouTube channel Casually Explained, which has nearly 4 million subscribers, recently posted its first video in over a year — and it happens to be a rock climbing explainer.

Using animated videos, the channel's narrator explores 'the answers to life's questions', sharing humorous potted histories and explanations of everything from calculus to cooking and all things in-between, including dating and Donald Trump (separate videos, fortunately). 

In this video, the narrator skewers indoor climbing, soloing, bouldering, trad climbing, aid climbing, ice climbing, speed climbing and climbing culture.

"Tiny colourful shoes that turn your feet into croissants."

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3 Apr

it’s remarkable that this video taught an acquaintance (with zero connection to climbing whatsoever) to crack ‘X is aid’ jokes like a seasoned veteran.

3 Apr

'Indoor low ascent free soloing' = Bouldering


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