St Kilda Climbing AdventureFri Night Vid

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In this week's Friday Night Video, we join Robbie Phillips, Will Birkett, Guy Robertson, Hamish Frost and Charles Smallwood as they take the path less trodden to one of the most mystical places on Earth, the Scottish island archipelago of St Kilda. The film is a fantastic insight into developing new, hard trad routes in remote areas:

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Robbie is an Edinburgh based climber and coach. He began his career competing, but is better known for his cutting edge ascents on alpine rock, which include becoming the first Briton to climb the infamous...

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Super video

31 Jul

Outstanding, a great watch.

3 Aug

Great. I climbed on St Kilda a good few years ago.

Couldn't access the crack line Robbie's team managed due to swell...even though it was a stand out objective for us. Nice to see it get climbed. Gutted it wasn't by me in the end haha. Nice work, privileged to climb there.

Some of the same safety issues as us with the hugely unpredictable swell....nice teamwork lads.

Stay safe

3 Aug

Enjoyed the video but was a little dissapointed it didn't say anything about how the lines they climbed related to the earlier routes by eg Pete Whillance.

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