METOLIUS COMP: 25 years, 25 cams, 25 days

by Michael Ryan Nov/2008
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Metolius Splash, 168 kb

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of METOLIUS, Beyond Hope in conjunction with Presents..

THE METOLIUS COMPETITION: 25 years, 25 cams, 25 days

One question each day, for 25 days, and a chance to win a METOLIUS cam every day.


Check this Premier Post every day for a new question: Premier Post - METOLIUS COMP: 25 cams, 25 days: Question ?

NOTE: Only the Ultralight TCU's, Ultralight Power Cams, SuperCam (small and medium) and the MasterCam are available in the UK. If you have a model and size preference, please state it in your email, subject to availability.

QUESTION ONE: What was the first product Metolius made?
ANSWER: Slider Nut
WINNER: Claire Maw from Huddersfield.

QUESTION TWO: What does DAT stand for?
ANSWER: Direct Axle Technology
WINNER: Jack Pearce from Broadstone, Dorset.

QUESTION THREE:Who founded Metolius?
ANSWER: Doug Phillips
WINNER: James Sparkes from Edinburgh.

QUESTION FOUR:What is the name of the Metolius increased range cam ?
ANSWER: Supercam
WINNER: Emily Goodman from Chester.

QUESTION FIVE:What is the Metolius design philosophy?
ANSWER: Safer by Design
WINNER:Luke Porter, from Cononley, West Yorks

QUESTION SIX:Metolius sponsored climber Sam Whittaker is one of the owners of which climbing wall?
ANSWER: The Climbing Works.
WINNER: Phil Applegate, from Sheffield.

QUESTION SEVEN:What colour is a number 5 Ultralight Powercam?
WINNER:Steve Wall, from Crosby.

QUESTION EIGHT:Red for stop, yellow for caution, green for go. What is this innovation called used on the cams?
ANSWER: Rangefinder
WINNER: Andy White from Bridgend.

QUESTION NINE:What year was Metolius founded?
ANSWER: 1983.
WINNER:Alex Gandy, from Durham

QUESTION TEN:What are Metolius' nut tools called?
ANSWER: Freenut and Extractor
WINNER:Hannah Bereford, from Loughborough

QUESTION ELEVEN:What is the colour of number 10 Curve Nut?
WINNER:Jenny Slaughter, Bristol.

ANSWER: Personal Anchor System
WINNER:George Sadler, Helsby

QUESTION THIRTEEN:How many haul bags are there in the Metolius range?
WINNER:Petra Ernst, Derbyshire

QUESTION FOURTEEN:What are the Metolius rope bags called?
ANSWER: Rope Master, Rope Ranger, Portacord and Dirt Bag
WINNER:Frodo Stickel, Ringwood, Hants.

QUESTION FIFTEEN:What does BRD stand for?
ANSWER: Belay Rappel Device
WINNER:Matt Hopkinson, Leeds

QUESTION SIXTEEN: What boulder problems graded Font 7c, Font 7c+ and Font 7c did Metolius sponsored athlete Leah Crane recently climb? (Clue: check November's news at the news page.)
ANSWER: Ben's Roof at Raven Tor (Font 7c+), Problem 2, also at Raven Tor (Font 7c), and Carnage Assis (Font 7c) at Fontainebleau.
WINNER: Dan Butcher from Bristol

QUESTION SEVENTEEN: Metolius sponsored climber Audrey Seguy scored what position in the British Lead climbing championships held in May?
ANSWER: First.
WINNER: Kalie Macinnes from Helsby

QUESTION EIGHTEEN: Where did Metolius begin?
ANSWER: Central Oregon.
WINNER: Rosa Balbin, from Ringwood.

QUESTION NINETEEN: What is the weight of an Inferno karabiner?
WINNER:Ari Sherr, from London

QUESTION TWENTY:What load can the gear loops on the Metolius Safe Tech harness withstand?
ANSWER: 10kn
WINNER: Mike Lea, Ovington

QUESTION TWENTY-ONE:What is the Metolius portaledge called?
ANSWER: Bomb Shelter
WINNER: Ben Wetherill, Bristol

QUESTION TWENTY-TWO:What is Metolius chalk called?
ANSWER: Superchalk
WINNER: Ash Brewer,Southampton

QUESTION TWENTY-THREE:What is the top of the range training board called? /i>
ANSWER: Simulator
WINNER: Nicola Sommers, Newcastle

QUESTION TWENTY-FOUR:What size is the Behemoth Crash Pad?
ANSWER: 6'x4'x4"
WINNER: Jenny Rogers, Penrith

QUESTION TWENTY-FIVE:What is the name of Metolius new single stem cam? (and its just arrived in the UK)
ANSWER: Master Cam
WINNER: Luke Ward, Selby

Everyone won a Metolius cam, in a suprise twist, Beyond Hope gave a full set of Metolius Master Cams to the winner of question twenty-five: Luke Ward of Selby.

Metolius Master Cam Range, 32 kb

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