WINNERS: Two CRUX Halo Tops To Win

by Michael Ryan Jan/2012
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This competition is now closed.

The question was: CRUX and LIGHTWAVE Founder Carol McDermott has climbed Shivling, Gasherbrum II and Ama Dablam. What is the summit elevation of Shivling?

The answer: 6,543 m

Tom Last of  Cornwall and Wendy Molyneux of Stafford both win a CRUX Halo Top.

Thank you to everyone who entered and what a beautiful mountain.

© Old Swede

We have two CRUX Halo Tops to win in this and competition. Details and entry form below.

Will arriving on the final snow mushroom of Cerro Standhardt. Cerro Torre and Torre Egger in the background, 203 kb
Will arriving on the final snow mushroom of Cerro Standhardt. Cerro Torre and Torre Egger in the background
© Jon Griffith

When the temperature drops there is no better way of keeping warm than covering yourself in the wispy and fluffy undercoating of a bird's plumage.

Advantages of Down

Down traps your body heat in the micro-spaces between its micro-fibres and keeps you toasty, it wicks moisture well and can be worn as an outer or mid-layer. Weight for weight down is warmer than synthetic insulation, and as well as warm its featherlight and if looked after, retains its shape and lasts a long time. Down compresses and packs down small, making it easy to carry on your adventures.

Down jackets and tops are a great thermal insulation layer for alpine climbing - especially useful for those emergency bivvys - dry weather climbing and hillwalking in the UK, skiing, those cold evenings at the campsite and for just hanging around town and country in - you'll look cool but be warm.

As you know the downside is that down loses its insulating properties when wet and does require special cleaning.

Here's a few tips for looking after your down jacket.

Down Jacket Cleaning Tips: Protecting Your Investment

  • First off, when not in use hang your uncompressed jacket on a coat hanger in a wardrobe (away from sunlight)
  • If your jacket becomes wet, hang it in a dry place to air dry and then put it in tumble dryer for a short cycle on the cool setting to finish drying and to restore the loft of the down.
  • If you need to clean your down jacket, if it has become dirty or has lost its loft you can wash it yourself. Never use ordinary detergent which strips the natural oils from the down, but hand wash in a specialist down soap such as Nikwax Down Wash or Grangers 30 C Down Cleaner - at around 30 C! Rinse well in cold water to get rid of all the soap and hand squeeze out the water, then put in tumble dryer for a short cycle on cool. Don't just hang it on a washing line as the down will dry all clumpy, if you haven't got a tumble dryer, manipulate the down with your hands whilst air drying to stop the down clumping.
  • You can increase your Down jackets resistance to moisture by proofing in Nikwax Down Proof
  • If you want someone to clean your jacket for you try: Classiclean of Harrogate, Elite Cleaning & Aftercare Services of Rotherham (0-1709-833-189) or WE Franklins of Sheffield (0-114 268 6161).

    Looked after well your down jacket should last ten years plus, far longer than a synthetic jacket. So although down jackets maybe pricey, they do represent great value for money.


Crux Halo 1, 125 kb
Crux Halo Jacket

CRUX has completely redeveloped its lightweight down range this winter, uprating existing garments and introducing two completely new pieces.

CRUX's original lightweight down designs are the Halo Jacket and Top, and both have been uprated for this winter with a 'zoned' design using 120g fill weight of EU 900 white goose down on the outside areas (back, front and arms, and less on non-exposed areas (under arms, torso sides).

Despite the Halo being one of the lightest down garments available, CRUX considered it was potentially too warm for many active situations and there were opportunities for lighter weight products. The new Nano Jacket therefore features 25% less down than the Halo – 90g fill-weight of EU 900 down – with a full zip for versatility. Then, taking the ultra-light down concept even further, the new Pico Top uses 70g fill to give a garment that weighs just 170g, the lightest full-sleeve down garment on the market. Unbelievably packable, the Pico Top maximises warmth due to its zoned design similar to the Halo.

Finally the new Pyro Jacket completes the range, a warmer version of the Halo containing 25% more down (150g) making it even cosier and more versatile. The Pyro also accepts an optional zip-on hood.

RRPs as follows:

  • CRUX Pyro Jacket £250.00
  • CRUX Halo Jacket £220.00
  • CRUX Women's Halo Jacket £199.00
  • CRUX Halo Top £179.00
  • CRUX Nano Jacket £199.00
  • CRUX Pico Top £135.00.

Answer the question below and fill in the entry form with your details to win a CRUX Halo Top. We have two to give away, a men's and a woman's. Get your entry in before 30th January 2012. Note: initially the prize advertised on this competition was a CRUX Pico jacket but these won't be available until May 2012. Anyone who entered expecting a Pico jacket may choose to wait for this as an alternative prize.

This competition has now closed.
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