THE LUCKY WINNER: Petzl RocTrip Argentina

by Michael Ryan Sep/2012
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Climbing in la Buitrera Canyon, Piedra Parada, Chubut, Argentina, 140 kb
Climbing in la Buitrera Canyon, Piedra Parada, Chubut, Argentina
© Petzl/G.Vallot

Petzl RocTrip Patagonia 2, 13 kbThis year, 22 to 25 November, the Petzl RocTrip is being held in La Buitrera Canyon, Piedra Parada, located in the Chubut Valley in the Patagonia region of southern Argentina.

Lyon Equipment, Petzl's UK partner, ran a climbing photographic competition, with the winner, as voted by you and a panel of judges, winning a place on this years Petzl RocTrip Argentina including flights and travel paid for from the UK to Argentina and Piedra Prada, meals paid for at the site, a contribution of £100 towards insurance and a Petzl helmet.

You can see the best entries here

The UK Winner

Petzl RocTrip Patagonia 1, 167 kb

Lyon Equipment and Petzl are pleased to announce the UK winner; the judges have chosen the photo below from Tom Ireson as the winner of the Lyon/Petzl RocTrip competition. It wasn't easy choosing a single photo from all the entries and we'd like to thank everyone for their photos and comments.

Tom Ireson fighting his way up Ace Ventura F8a, El Chorro, Spain, 62 kb
Tom Ireson fighting his way up Ace Ventura F8a, El Chorro, Spain
© Tom Ireson/Patrick Pearce

Tom is currently on a European climbing road-trip but emailed us to say how much he's looking forward to meeting and climbing with the Petzl team in Argentina.

"Had a great day on the crag yesterday, literally climbed till my fingers bled! Nice to have such motivation to climb hard!"

Tom Ireson • Somewhere in a tent in Europe.

Tom is climbing Ace Ventura F8a, El Chorro, Spain. He said, "I have never been the strongest or fittest climber but I try really really hard! This climb was by far the hardest thing I have ever done and took many tries and much patience from my lovely girlfriend belaying me. It went down on the very last morning we were there after getting up at 6am to get down to the crag before the sun hit the rock, and I'm pretty sure I gurned even harder than in this photo! We are poor climbing bums and this trip would be amazing, far beyond anything we could afford to do. Thanks to everyone who voted for me.

Congratulations Tom.

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