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The Adventurer Pack, 85 kb
The Adventurer Pack
© Alpkit

To celebrate our first summer of remaining in stock of sleeping mats, we are offering one lucky winner the chance to claim one of 2 prize sleeping mat bundles.

Always the biggest criticism leveled at Alpkit is our 'Out of Stock' warnings, so when we began conceiving our new range of sleeping mats we told Jim, one of the product guys, to order more than we thought we could ever sell! Over the last 5 years of selling sleeping mats we have without fail run out of something. We are extremely pleased people love to buy our products in these volumes but we also know being out of stock leaves people disappointed.

So in the summer of 2010 we did something we have never done before... stayed in stock of sleeping mats! The downside is our warehouse is now overstocked of mats and we need the room for the fluffy stuff due later this season. To help clear the shelves a little faster we have launched a clearance sale on 5 of the models. We shall begin to apply this feast famine style of retail to more of our products in the coming months to hopefully banish those “Out of Stock” warnings for good!

It never hurts to prepare in advance and there is no better time to invest in some of the best sleeping mats available with our current offers. Don't worry if you purchase a mat in the sale and then win our competition, we'll refund any winner against any mats purchased between October 18th - November 5th 2010, used or not.

So what can be won? The lucky winner will be able to choose between one of these two great sleeping mat packs to help enhance their lifestyle.

Adventurer Pack – 2x Wedge + 2x Dirtbag + 2x Airo 120
. This is a perfect bundle for those people who treat their house like a hotel, and prefer to spend every weekend in the big outdoor playground. You will receive 2 Wedges, ideal for your base camp with acres of space to lounge around on but with a packsize small enough that you will never have to compromise what other toys you can fit in the car. You'll also get a couple of Dirtbags, great for strapping onto your pack for a quick european climbing trip. And finally the bundle also contains a pair of Airo 120s, our lightest, most compact self inflating mat, just right for the adventure race your partner has signed you up for!

Family Pack – 2x Dozer + 2x Base 180 + 2x Little Kippa
. It is said an active family is a healthy family and with this bundle of mats there will be no more excuses to stay at home. When the whole family takes to the road you will be able to sleep easy on a pair of Dozers whilst the kids wriggle all they want on a pair Base 180s. When the family is ready for a little more adventure you will be already equipped for an overnight camp in the hills. Leave the thick Dozer mats at the campsite and pack the 2 Base 180s in your rucksack along with the 2 Little Kippas for the kids.

To enter, simply visit our competition page and answer a Alpkit mat related question at

The Family Pack, 75 kb
The Family Pack
© Alpkit

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