Climb a Route and Pocket a Rab Prize - Round 1: Lesser-Known Grit Classics

This year Rab have teamed up with four of their athletes to produce lists of lesser-known but highly worthwhile routes from around the UK. In an effort to get people out of their comfort zones and into some less polished, less familiar venues, we are offering prizes to those who go and seek out these less popular lines.

Tom Randall, 212 kb

Our first list comes from gritstone connoisseur Tom Randall and rounds up some hidden gems from the UK's most popular climbing destination, The Peak District.

Claiming your prize is simple (in theory). We've hidden three waterproof pockets on three of the routes from Tom's list. Climb the route, retrieve the pocket and you'll find details inside of how to claim your prize.

For those that get there after an even more eager climber has already retrieved the pocket or who find that their chosen route isn't one of those with an accompanying prize pocket, never fear, you can still win a prize. Simply take a photo of yourself on any of the routes from the list and upload it to the 'Rab Routes' UKC galleries. We will pick our favourite entries to receive a prize. Bonus points, as always, for creativity and gurning.

Randall's Routes

1. 'Amazon Crack' (VS), Burbage - Although this is only a 2 star route, I've always felt it deserved more and really it's just as good as things like 'The File'. As a beginner crack route, it doesn't get much more perfect. Solid jamming and a non-cruxy finish so you can actually enjoy the final moves!

Amazon Crack, 193 kb

2. 'Silent Spring' (E4), Burbage South - This is one of those routes that people did a lot in the 1980s and 1990s but now it most likely only receives a single ascent a year... if that. It's an awesome bit of grit with a "big route" feel and you'll struggle to find many grit E4s that are this exposed.

Silent Spring, 204 kb

3. 'March Hare' (E3), Millstone - An unsung classic! I first did this at University when a single pad was a luxury and you'd probably borrowed it off a mate. The climbing is utterly brilliant in its technical nature but if you do opt for just a single pad, be prepared for more of a "route" experience!

March Hare, 204 kb

4. 'Zapple' (HVS), Yarncliffe - If it was at Millstone it'd be very well know and very clean. At present, I'm afraid it's neither! That said, it does offer some excellent jamming and the line is pretty appealing...from the ground at least.

Zapple, 216 kb

5. 'Oss Nob' (E4), Froggatt - It looks innocuous, but this sequence of arête moves rewards a positive approach. I can recall more than a few times when I've chickened out on it!

Oss Nob, 196 kb

6. 'Hercules' (E1), Curbar - One of those offwidth cracks in the Peak District that's yet again a bit easier to layback...but that would miss half of the fun, wouldn't it?! Next time you're out, get stuck in and have a good shuffle. You won't regret it.

Hercules, 214 kb

7. 'Jam and Blast It' (HVS), Baslow - A crack that I never knew existed until one evening I found myself underneath it as I explored the crag. It looked like a nice, easy HS, but HVS is definitely more appropriate!

Jam and Blast It, 218 kb

8. 'Nelson's Nemesis' (VS), Birchen - I had to climb this quite a few times when I was preparing for one of the big 24hr challenge days with Pete and I can honestly say this was one of those routes I always enjoyed no matter how knackered I was!

Nelson's Nemesis, 203 kb

9. 'Moyer's Buttress' (E1), Gardoms – Oh my God, what a route! Again, if it was at Stanage or Burbage, it would have queues of people waiting to do it. Fortunately, it's tucked away at the brilliant (and less travelled) Gardoms. Good moves, plenty of problem solving and a decent level of exposure for the E1 leader.

Moyers Buttress, 239 kb

10. 'Get Rich Quick' (E5), Duke's Quarry - I went here for the first time as the result of a tip off from Peak esoterica lover, Jon Fullwood. He'd cleaned up the hard finger cracks in this section of the quarry and they did not disappoint! Both this and Repo Man are just as good as many of the millstone E5s. If not better...

n.b. the prize pockets will be discreetly placed, will avoid interfering with the climb itself and will be visible only when on/finishing a route. Any unclaimed prize pockets will be removed after the end of August, so there's only a limited time to claim your prize. This will also be the deadline for submitted photos, so hurry up out there and happy hunting!

Rab Pocket, 139 kb

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Add Climb name Grade Height Crag name
Amazon CrackHS 4b ***12mBurbage North
Silent SpringE4 5c ***24m• 2Burbage South...
March HareE2 5b **14mMillstone Edge
ZappleHVS 5b ***20mYarncliffe Quarry
Oss NobE4 6a 8mFroggatt Edge
HerculesE1 5a *11mCurbar Edge
Jam and Blast ItE1 5b *9mBaslow Edge
Nelson's NemesisVS 4b ***16mBirchen Edge
Moyer's ButtressE1 5b ***21mGardoms Edge
Get Rich QuickE5 6b *?Duke's Quarry
18 e, 20 stars135m 11

The Prize

All winners will be offered their choice of size and colour in Rab's freshly updated Torque Jacket.

, 98 kb

, 88 kb
, 69 kb

Constructed using a stretchy double weave fabric with abrasion-absorbing overlays on the hood, elbows and sides, The Torque is a brilliant companion for a multitude of climbing disciplines; from windy gritstone belays to long mountain routes and even alpine climbing.

Learn more about the Torque here: Men's / Women's

Photo Gallery

Greasy zapple but beat to the prize.

Greasy zapple but beat to the prize.
© richardbaxter

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