WINNERS: DMM Spectre 2 Quickdraws

The lucky winners are:

JimSh, madeleine, maria85, paulerussell and BTphonehome

Each win a set of 10 Spectre 2 Quickdraws – customised with a range of colours and personalised laser etching.

DMM Spectre 2 Quickdraws © DMM
DMM Spectre 2 Quickdraws

This competition also marks the launch of a brand new price deal for our Spectre 2 biners and quickdraws, which will replace the Prowire as our budget wiregate biner.

We first introduced the Prowire over 13 years ago. At the time this groundbreaking design was the lightest carabiner in the world and it quickly became very popular. A lot has changed in the world of climbing hardware since the late 90s; nonetheless the Prowire has remained the backbone of many climbers' racks because it was incredibly light and versatile for an entry level carabiner.

It seemed sensible to keep on producing such a popular biner – so we did. However, recently we encountered a major hitch in the manufacturing process. The steel dies that we use to make our biners are incredibly tough; they need to be to deal with the stresses of the hot forging process. Unfortunately this year, after producing over half a million biners, the Prowire dies finally gave up the ghost and had to be retired.

This left us with an interesting quandary – making a replacement die would be a difficult and time consuming process. Perhaps it was also time for a change.

After some thought, we have decided to offer the current Spectre 2 carabiner as our new entry level wiregate. We realise that this significantly raises the bar for this type of carabiner, but it only seems natural to push for higher quality right across our range.

Competition: DMM Spectre 2 Quickdraws © DMM
Competition: DMM Spectre 2 Quickdraws

The Spectre 2 is an impressive piece of hardware, with a number of cleverly designed features which lift it above any comparable biners in the same price range.

It is similar in size to the Prowire but the I-beam construction ensures that it is both lighter (33g instead of 36.5g) and stronger (9kN gate open strength instead of 8kN). It has an array of sophisticated design features, which make it both safer and easier to use. For example, it has a deep rope basket and a generous rope radius. The nose profile is also modified to protect the gate, and the top bar runs at a steep angle, which ensures the carabiner is self-righting when loaded.

And best of all, you can now get a single Spectre 2 biner for only £6 and a 12cm dyneema quickdraw for the bargain-tastic price of £12!

Customise your rack

One unique advantage of manufacturing our carabiners on site in our Llanberis factory is that we can easily accommodate customisation requests. For example the Spectre 2 is available in a range of colours: silver, BLT, blue, green, gold, purple or red, and the Dyneema tape in gold, grey, red, blue, green and purple. We can also laser etch up to 20 characters on the spine of the carabiner.

DMM Spectre 2 colours © DMM
DMM Spectre 2 colours
Dyneema on the Spectre 2 Quickdraws © DMM
Dyneema on the Spectre 2 Quickdraws

The traditional method of marking your own climbing kit is to wrap id tape around it, so that, at the end of a day's climbing, your best mate doesn't wander off with half your rack in his rucksack! Now you can personalise your rack with your own name, nick name or indeed any short message (up to 20 characters). This customisation option on our carabiners will be available through selected retailers shortly.

Competition Prizes

The competition prizes are sets of 10 Spectre 2 Quickdraws for 5 separate winners (that's 50 quickdraws in total.). The winners will be able to customise their quickdraws, for example they can have the carabiners and dyneema in any of the possible colour combinations, and the 20 character laser etching marked on them too.

The competition question is nice and topical:

This competition has now closed.

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