WINNERS: Edelrid Mission Set Quickdraws

The Winners are:

Sam Craddock, L. Jennings, Duncan Reid, J. Dubberley, and David Wheal.

Answer: A 10cm Mission Set Quickdraw weighs 59 grams (both biners and 10cm draw).

Edelrid have teamed up with to offer 5 climbers the opportunity to win six 10cm Mission Set Quickdraws each.

Tom Bolger, Edelrid Athlete, 118 kb
Tom Bolger, Edelrid Athlete
© Edelrid

Regular readers are probably already familiar with Edelrid ropes - since they first pioneered the design of the kernmantel rope way back in 1953, since then the brand has been steadily building a reputation for producing a whole range of high quality gear designed to meet the needs of climbers and mountaineers the world over.

Robbie Phillips, Edelrid athlete puts the Creed harness to the test in Kalymnos., 198 kb
Robbie Phillips, Edelrid athlete puts the Creed harness to the test in Kalymnos.
© Edelrid GmbH / Will Carroll Photography
Edelrid Mission Oasis, 188 kb

Edelrid's wire-gate Mission Set Quickdraws

One of the many categories that Edelrid has been quietly developing is quickdraws, and today the brand offers a wide variety of draws suited to both sport and trad climbing. Their flagship offering is the 'Mission Set' a feather-light wire gate draw that is ideally suited to alpine or trad use where climbers are looking to cut weight from their rack, without compromising performance.

Light, Strong, Safe and Ergonomic

The Mission Set combines two of Edelrid's wire-gate Mission karabiners with a super thin, yet super strong 8mm Dyneema draw and integrated antitwist fixture on the lower biner. Each krab weighs in at 25g, with an additional 9g for the draw itself, for a total weight of just 59g.

The karabiners themselves are a traditional offset D-shape; designed to provide maximum strength, individual breaking loads are: 23kN lengthwise, 8kN across and 7kN when open – proving that a biner can be light as well as strong. Weight savings are a direct result of the Mission's I-Beam profile, which refers to the seven pockets across the body of the biner. these pockets are positioned in areas where material thickness can be reduced without adversely affecting strength and performance.

Edelrid Mission Express , 56 kb

Easy Clipping

To ensure ease of use the Mission features a deep, wide rope cradle as well as a 20mm gate opening, for easy and comfortable clipping. The wire gate itself offers a reassuringly solid spring-back, for that all-important peace of mind.

The Mission Set is available, as standard, as a 10cm Quickdraw (srp £17.50). The strong Dyneema filaments that comprise the draw itself provide a maximum braking strength of 22kN whilst also keeping weight to a minimum. The aforementioned anti-twist fixture holds the lower biner firmly in position, preventing it from twisting or rotating during use.

Your Chance To Win Some

Edelrid have teamed up with to offer 5 climbers the opportunity to win six 10cm Mission Set Quickdraws each (value: £105 for six draws) – all you have to do is tell us how much a Mission Set weighs (that's total weight including both biners and draw). Winners will be selected at random from all entries received. Fill in the form below to enter.

If we've piqued your interest you can check out the Edelrid product range over at or alternatively head over to the Edelrid Facebook page for the latest news, gear and goings-on.

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