WINNERS: Lyon Outdoor Julbo Facebook Competition

The question was: What are the benefits of Julbo's Zebra Lens?

The possible answers are:

- Photochromic, lens darkens/brightens in accordance with light intensity from cat 2-4 (1-3 for zebra light)
- Anti-fog coating, no condensation. Maximum longevity
- Hydrophobic coating on the outside prevents marking and facilitates the removal of water.

The winners are:

1) David Silcock of Plymouth.
2) David Girling of Loughborough.
3) Tom Ambrose of Braithwaite.
4) Mike Lelliott.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

Lyon/Julbo, 41 kb

Lyon Equipment are the UK distributors for highly regarded outdoor brands for caving, climbing, mountaineering and general outdoor.

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Lyon Outdoor Julbo Facebook Competition

Julbo : An innovative brand developing its own technologies

Over the past ten years Julbo has seen great growth with innovative, technical products and is a reference brand for quality sports sunglasses, and an acknowledged leader in children's sunglasses. Julbo became part of mountaineering history by proposing the first glasses for use on glaciers. Since then Julbo has been working with highly demanding sports men and women to develop lenses that are perfectly suited to each type of use.

The brand's own concept developers and designers work in collaboration with Team Julbo athletes such as Ueli Steck and Glen Plake who provide feedback for the development and refinement of the products. With such collaborative assistance, Julbo generates innovations each year, developing new frame concepts to meet new sporting requirements. Julbo draws on its experience and expertise to select the best materials and lens coatings – anti-reflective, ant-fogging, water repellent finishes etc. to create exclusive, high performance lenses. All Julbo eyewear meets European, American and Australian standards.

Spotlight on Julbo's 'Zebra' Lens Technology

Zebra from shade to light: This photochromic and anti-fog lens, developed for the Speed range, is ideal for mountain biking, trail running and climbing.

  • The photochromic lens gets darker or lighter in accordance with light intensity.
  • Protection category 2 to 4.High-speed activation.

  • Exceptional anti-fog coating: no condensation, maximum longevity.

  • Hydrophobic coating on the outside: prevents marking and facilitates the removal of water.

More info on Julbo lens technology can be found at

Models available to Competition Winners


Julbo Trek, 14 kb
Julbo Trek

Fast and Light: The new Trek provides optimum performance while moving fast in extreme environments by providing highly technical, yet lightweight eyewear. For those committed to the outdoors via mountaineering, climbing and trail running, the Trek is the perfect combination of technical features, lightweight performance, and ergonomics. Detachable shields block lateral rays and intense glare as well as offering superior ventilation when necessary. Julbo's Flex Nose design and 360° adjustable temples provide optimum grip.


Julbo Tensing, 38 kb
Julbo Tensing

A whole new look in the mountains: The new Tensing provides new mountaineers the choice they need for protective eyewear. The ultra-wrap profile gives maximum protection at high altitudes, as well as superior ventilation. The dual injected frame strategically combines a strong outer material with a highly flexible inner for comfort against the face.


Julbo Dust, 116 kb
Julbo Dust

Streamlined technology and design: Dust is designed for mountain biking and outdoor racing enthusiasts. No adjustment is necessary for an instant snug fit!
Perfect and imperceptible hold on the face with Grip Nose and Grip Tech temples. The slim and flexible frame can be slipped comfortably under a hat or helmet.
The wide field of vision is combined with excellent venting thanks to the technical feature of the suspended lenses.


Julbo Ultra, 87 kb
Julbo Ultra

No limit: The result of extensive collaboration with trail running and mountain biking pros, the Ultra is the ally of those who can last the distance and push themselves to extreme limits! Thanks to the perfect hold, lightness and venting system of these glasses, you'll feel that they've become a part of you. What's more, with the new Zebra Light lens liberating your field of vision and providing maximum cover, nothing will escape you, with eyes super-sharp at all times, from morning to night!


Julbo Dirt, 92 kb
Julbo Dirt

Performance that turns heads: Take on crazy turns and massive jumps and your glasses will not budge. With shock resistant details on the nose and temples, protection becomes the least of your worries. The Dirt white with Zebra lens brings added details that attract attention. Get down and dirty in style with the Dirt!


Julbo Pipeline, 18 kb
Julbo Pipeline

Eliminate curves with a single stroke: The Twin Flex construction gives this versatile model its sleek look, and super-ergonomic feel: the distribution of the supports along the temples gives an immediate sensation of comfort and an impression of smooth shock absorption! The width of the Zebra lenses liberates your field of vision under all conditions, while the Sweat Blocker foam insert absorbs droplets that might impede visibility.

Competition: Prizes/Entry Details

Win one of 4 pairs of Julbo Sunglasses by answering a simple question at

Winning entries can be chosen from: Trek : Tensing : Dust : Ultra : Dirt : Pipeline models

  • Prizes will only be posted to a UK or BFPO address.
  • Entry to the competition is limited to fans of our Facebook page:
  • Enquiries should be sent to
  • Winners will be notified by email.
  • Winners names will be selected at random from all correct entries.
  • We will try our best to supply your first choice but reserve the right to offer an alternative.
  • Closing date for entries is 31st May 2012.

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