Metolius Bouldering Comp

Metolius Banner, 23 kb

There were 202 entries in the METOLIUS BOULDERING PHOTO COMP. The winners below were decided by a combination of readers votes and the judgement of Rick Legge and Mike Lloyd of Beyond Hope.

Next March we plan to have another bouldering photo comp based on the theme of a winter bouldering day: bare that mind when you are out and about bouldering... TAKE YOUR CAMERA!

Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to the winners below. We have attempted to contact all the winners but haven't received everyone's address so that we can send you your prize. (Drop me an email

FIRST: Simon Rogers

Iain working Teck Crack Direct on a crisp winters day, 162 kb
Iain working Teck Crack Direct on a crisp winters day
© climbingsimon, Dec 2008

Prize: Behemoth Crash Pad: £225 and a Bouldering Brush Kit: £30

Metolius Behemoth, 15 kb

METOLIUS Bouldering Brush Kit, 10 kb

SECOND: Rosie Henstock

Shaggy focusing hard, 130 kb
Shaggy focusing hard
© Rosie Henstock, May 2009

Prize: Boss Hog Crash Pad: £160 and a Bouldering Brush Kit: £30

Metolius Boss Hog, 20 kb

METOLIUS Bouldering Brush Kit, 10 kb

THIRD: Dan Arkle

The Whale
© Dan Arkle

Prize: Stomp Crash Pad: £130 and a Bouldering Brush Kit: £30

Metolius Stomp, 12 kb

METOLIUS Bouldering Brush Kit, 10 kb


All runners up also get METOLIUS Superchalk and M16 Bouldering Brush and fingertape.

METOLIUS Bouldering Bundle, 38 kb
The remaining winners are:

: Adam Long

Keith Bradbury on Cornelius, highball 7C, Ina's Rock.
© Adam Long

: Adam Lincoln[Missing photo!]

: Tom Woodcock

Kate enjoying another fine day in Langdale., 195 kb
Kate enjoying another fine day in Langdale.
© logginton, Jul 2008

: Keith Bradbury

Si Moore on Evilution, 7C+, Bishop, California, 139 kb
Si Moore on Evilution, 7C+, Bishop, California
© pascalbrown

: Jason Darke

Nick on Le Flipper
© Lard

: Thomas Schermer

baloo - font, 172 kb
baloo - font
© thomas schermer, Apr 2009

: Michal Medera

Not To Be Taken Away
© MYSSAK, Sep 2009

:Paul Nadler

Rose Move, 227 kb
Rose Move
© Paul Nadler, May 2009

123916 :CNew

Gary trying his very hardest!, 126 kb
Gary trying his very hardest!
© Climb Newcastle, Oct 2003


Classic sloper shuffling in Albarracin, 163 kb
Classic sloper shuffling in Albarracin
© Dave Bond, Feb 2007


Metolius Fish, 31 kbMetolius equipment is born out of respect for the sport we love, rock climbing. We are aunique collection of North American climbers who came together in the1980s to push our personal limits at Smith Rock. We shared a common passion for hard gymnastic free climbing, bouldering and for exploration in the mountains andon bigwalls. Unwilling to punch the corporate clock, we decided to design and build our own equipment, much of which was unavailable at the time. Amazingly, Metolius grew from Doug's tiny garage near the headwaters of the Metolius River (where we take our name), into a respectable business and a brand name that has become synonymous with quality, safety and design excellence. Twenty five years later we are still totally committed to the climbing lifestyle, making the absolute best equipment, helping to educate others and preserving the environment in which we live and play.

Metolius Climbing

Beyond Hope support the following climbers in the UK.

Metolius Climbers, 42 kb

Beyond Hope Ltd
Greater Manchester
Phone: 01457 838 242
Fax: 01457 838 661

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