Win two tickets to the 2018 Women's Climbing Symposium

This year's Women's Climbing Symposium takes place on Saturday 6th October at HarroWall and as part of the event we want to celebrate your climbing journey.

Climbing is a sport that grabs people. It gets under your skin. It opens up new worlds and realms of possibility. Climbing is many things to many people and we have each carved our own unique journey through this diverse, wonderful sport. You many have only been climbing for six months and only ever bouldered inside or maybe you've been climbing for decades and climbed your way across the globe and explored all of the different disciplines. We each have a climbing journey and we love it for our own reasons. This year at the Women's Climbing Symposium we are celebrating our climbing journeys.

We want to know how long you have been climbing. How you started, where it's taken you, where you want to go, the dreams it's given you, the places you have seen and the places you can't wait to see. Are you just discovering the sport or has climbing shaped your life?

For a chance to win 2 free tickets to WCS18 for you or a female friend, share a photo on our Facebook page, and tell us your story.


Winners will be drawn from the entries on 1 September.

For more information visit visit our website

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5 Aug, 2018

Can men enter this comp?

5 Aug, 2018

Definitely! We would love to hear about everyone’s climbing journey. If a man wins he will just need to give his tickets to a female friend ;)

5 Aug, 2018

So I can enter but not attend? I was hoping to go with my wife if by some chance I did win. She's my best partner on the rock.

6 Aug, 2018

How would all we women climbers feel if there was a men's climbing symposium that we were not allowed to attend? Do women really need these events nowadays? We have a whole range of role models, women who have smashed through the barriers. 

6 Aug, 2018

Are you claiming to represent all women climbers? Speaking as one male climber, I have absolutely no issue with this event. If I felt that strongly about there being no "Men's Climbing Symposium", I'd start one instead of whining about it.


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