Deep Water Soloing News: The Verdon and Tombstoning

by Mick Ryan Aug/2007
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Tombstoning, jumping off cliffs or structures into water, has been in the news both in the UK and the USA recently, with one area in the Eastern USA, Summersville Lake, experiencing a ban on any kind of cliff jumping.

In the UK a 26 year old man almost died this summer after 'tombstoning' at Durdle Door in Dorset, a popular deep water soloing area ( This is just one of many "tombstoning" accidents reported in the mainstream news over the past few years leading some deep water soloing enthusiasts to speculate that there may be a ban on cliff jumping or tombstoning in the UK which could effect climbers and deep water soloing. How such a ban would be implemented is not clear.

Meanwhile in the Verdon, France, Udo Neumann and friends have been "enjoying the Verdon limestone and refreshing water, where the Verdon river enters the Lac de St. Croix."

Check out Daimon Beail's for more DWS news including links to Udo's photographs of climbing above water in the Verdon.

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This has been read 11,645 times