Wilton Quarries, Lancashire - For Sale!

by Mick Ryan Sep/2007
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Looking down from small ledge near the top of Slime Chimney (VD) at Wilton 3. Catherine Jones belaying., 99 kb
Lord_ash2000 broke the news on Friday that the Wilton Quarries in Lancashire are up for sale. Wilton overlooks Egerton, just north of Bolton and is home to over 200 routes in four quarries with a range of good intermediate routes and hard crack lines, from 999 (HS 4b) to Master Spy (E4 6b). It is an important national climbing area with a particular relevance to those in the North West.

The Wilton quarries are owned by United Utilities and are split into two lots for sale; Wilton One with a guide price range of £30,000-£40,000 and Wilton Two, Three and Four with a guide price range of £15,000 - £25,000.

In an active discussion at the UKClimbing.com forums people are suggesting that the BMC buy the quarries www.ukclimbing.com/forums

Sounds like the BMC were taken unawares, but are now on the case.

UPDATE 24.09.07: by Guy Keating at the BMC website

"Naturally, the BMC are concerned with the potential implications of this development and have arranged to meet with a representative of United Utilities on Tuesday 25th September. Watch this space for an update after our meeting."

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This has been read 28,185 times