Mike Robertson Climbing More Towers, Bridges and Buildings

by Mick Ryan Dec/2007
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Mike Robertson climbing the 127m tall Glasgow Tower, 107 kbMike Up Glasgow Tower (click to enlarge)
Fresh from his near ascension to the top of the Eiffel Tower (see the UKClimbing.com news report and video here), climber Mike Robertson is up to more aerial antics but this time for Sony. His ascents are legit and there are no police on his tail.

As part of a promotion for the new Sony Alpha 700 Digital SLR camera Mike is touring Britain climbing various towers, bridges and buildings, and taking photos with the Sony. He kicked off on the 4th December by climbing Portsmouth's 170-metre Spinnaker Tower - in the rain and with gusts over 30mph. On the 10th of December he attempted Blackpool Tower but unfortunately the weather was bad - surprise, surprise - and the climb had to be cancelled.

Yesterday, he climbed the 127m tall Glasgow Tower, the tallest freestanding building in Scotland.

When he is up these structures he's snapping away with his Sony Alpha, and as you can imagine, getting some quite impressive images from unusual angles. Putting his experience as one of the UK's top climbing photographers to good use.

Tomorrow it is Newport Transporter Bridge in South Wales, then a break to take photos of Libby Peters bouldering in the Peak for her Climber magazine column, then Snowhill Plaza in Birmingham and then some undisclosed locations (Dick Cheney's bunker?) in London.

This promotion is part of Sony Alpha's Unseen Britain campaign and we can take part too by submitting photos - the prize? You guessed it, a Sony Alpha 700 Digital SLR camera.

More details, including Mike's blog of ascents www.sony.co.uk/unseenbritain

See the specs for the Sony Alpha 700 Digital SLR camera atwww.sonystyle.co.uk

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This has been read 23,768 times