Schools trips essential for education says HSE

by Jon Garside - BMC Mar/2008
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The Chair of the Health and Safety Commission has urged teachers to take a sensible approach to risk assessment, in order to ensure that school trips remain a part of every child's education.

Speaking at the NASUWT conference fringe meeting in Birmingham yesterday evening, Judith Hackitt said, "School trips are an essential part of every child's education and by not finding a way to make them happen we are failing in our duty to prepare them for life."

"Health and safety is used by many as an excuse for not doing things. My message is to take a common sense and proportionate approach when managing the health and safety aspects of organising a school trip. Share good practice with colleagues, reams of paper work is rarely the way to effective safety management."

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) launched its sensible risk campaign to encourage a simple and practical approach to risk assessment which enables innovation and learning. The campaign aims to encourage important recreational and learning activities for individuals where the risks are sensibly managed.

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This has been read 26,549 times