prAna PHOTO COMPETITION: Climbing Facial Expressions

by Mick Ryan - May/2008
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Most climbers carry a camera (or even a camera phone) with them these days and they know how to use them.

A perusal of the Photo Galleries will show you what a wealth of talent there is out there taking photographs. Perhaps some of the most powerful images are those of people's faces especially when climbing.

With a little effort one can capture a whole range of emotions in a climbing context; happy, sad, smiling, confused, fear, gripped, amused, bored, cold, hot, exhausted, satisfied - the whole gammut of human emotions and conditions.

This is your chance to win some prAna clothing just by submitting some photographs at and in the process learn more about photography, show off your creativity and learn what images appeal to viewers.

Full details here: prAna PHOTO COMPETITION: Climbing Facial Expressions

Entries are pouring in for our other competition that we are running at the moment, The Lyon Equipment Banner Competition

See the latest entry by Sarah Roberts HERE

Later this Summer we will be running a Video/Film competition, then in the Autumn another writing competition and a photographic competition.

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This has been read 26,293 times